Monumental Moments: Part Two

On Monday, you saw me cool down in front of the Washington Monument. While this post has very little to do with food or fashion, it would be an utter shame if I didn’t share the beauty that is D.C. Thus, I hope that you will forgive my momentary fashion blog faux pas in re-posting the same outfit twice.  Nonetheless, here is part two of pancakeSTACKER gallivanting around D.C and some more photos in front of places you might have heard about.

The Vietnam Memorial
The White House
I hear someone really important lives here

A view of the Lincoln Memorial taken from the WWII Memorial
A closer shot of the Lincoln Memorial
And, the man himself, Lincoln
Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia
Making my way to the Tomb
Guarding over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
A view of D.C. from Arlington
Photos of me by: Alex L.; All other photos by: Chandamheer

12 thoughts on “Monumental Moments: Part Two

  1. You took such lovely photos! I went to DC in May, this is making me wish I had taken more photos. You are lucky no one was there at the tomb of the unknown soldier, it made such a beautiful shot! When I was there, there were 4 or 5 large school groups and kids running wild everywhere, but I still have to say Arlington was my favorite part of DC!


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