It’s Many Hundred Miles And It Won’t Be Long

Top, shorts, ring, purse and tights: Forever 21; Cardigan: Nordstrom; Shoes: Guess; Photos by: DJ Lan

Train Song (Cover) – Feist and Ben Gibbard

I never really talk about my outfits on here, do I? So, today, let’s do just that. I got these shoes a couple Christmases ago as a gift to myself. The moment I saw them, I fell in love. In fact, my first words to these dear shoes were, “Hello, Lover,” a la Carrie Bradshaw. I waited and waited until they went on sale, like I knew they would, and the minute they did, BAM…they became a part of my closet forever. The funny thing is, this is only the second time I have ever worn them, and the first time I wore them was on my 21st birthday. I think it’s probably time to give these bad boys another night out on the town. Moving on, I got these Forever 21 linen shorts a while back, as well. They were (and still are) a size too big for me, but I couldn’t bear the idea of leaving the store without them, especially since I knew if I didn’t snag them, someone else would. So, I reasoned that since I love over-sized clothing anyways, I would love these shorts too. And I do. The purse I got just a few weeks ago, and I hardly leave home without it. It’s extremely soft to the touch and has so many pockets that my whole life basically fits into it. Who says being a Bag Lady isn’t stylish? Finally, I got the butterfly cardigan at Nordstrom a few months back and thought that it was such a staple item, that I got it in not one, not two, but THREE colors. I always have such a hard time deciding between things, so I usually end up getting something in at least two colors. My mom says this is because I am an Aquarius.

98 thoughts on “It’s Many Hundred Miles And It Won’t Be Long

  1. super cuteness!! I adore that groovy top

    I definitely buy my favorite pieces in more than one color too! A few months back I bought 3 different pairs of the most perfect Gap flats and I'm already starting to wear them into the ground


  2. im totally loving this ensemble! you look amazing and those shoes were totally worth the wait!

    quick question – i'm now making my photos larger – what size do you use on your blog? im trying to figure out what dimensions are best!

    also – thank you for the comments about my grandfather, they were very encouraging and i really appreciated them.


  3. I absolutley loove your style and how you shop everywhere instead of just one store! :) I really want to start doing that but find it a bit hard because no one at my school has their own style.. thet're all “cookie-Cutter.” I'm really glad I found your blog thanks to Teen Vogue, and I'll definately be following you once I create my own blog! :)


  4. A) Those shoes make my heart hurt. They're so perfect!

    B) That cover of Train Song is really good. As much as I try to dislike Ben Gifford due to his intrinsic hipster value, I can't because he has a great, interesting voice and he's married to Zooey Deschanel.

    C) It's so funny to me when the shoes I find incredible go on sale. I'm always like, “No one else realizes how amazing these shoes are?” I think it's just that most people in Connecticut aren't as sartorially daring as I am. More shoes for me!


  5. “I always have such a hard time deciding between things, so I usually end up getting something in at least two colors. My mom says this is because I am an Aquarius. “

    HAHAH! And so am I!! I usually get things in a couple of colors; different prints etc too!! But owell, I'm not complaining cos' I know I'm gna love and wear all of them((:

    Love your shrug! It's such a perfect, slouchy fit! Also! I'm in love with your hair!!! You should do a short tutorial or something! It's fab!!


  6. I love this outfit. The bow on your top is so cute. I am like you too if i love something even if it doesnt fit i will buy it just because I would be jealous if someone else bought it.


  7. Woman, you've got me so nervous putting those cute little shoesies on the train tracks! Don't be tempting fate too much now!

    By the way I love the oversized shorts. I think it's the slouchiness that makes them so fantastic!


  8. wow the shorts really work on you, & the way you wear them they don't look too big at all.
    the butterfly cardigan is defs worth buying in 3 colourways…gives you a bit of warmth but doesnt detract from your outfit.'


  9. Love the outfit.
    The shoes are fabulous!
    I do the same thing sometimes, when I love something so much but never wear it…as if we are saving it for something? who knows.
    Enjoy and wear them more in 2011 because they are fabulous shoes!


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