pancakeFEATURES: Glamour

This is obviously my lucky outfit. Special thanks to Glamour Magazine for featuring pancakeSTACKER as their Best Dress Reader of the Day! January, you just keep getting better and better!

To see the full Glamour feature, click here! And, if you need a reminder on which outfit they’re talking about, click here!

And a big thank you to all the pancakeSTACKER supporters out there! I love reading each and every one of your thoughtful comments, and I am so grateful to have such an awesome group of blogger buddies <3

51 thoughts on “pancakeFEATURES: Glamour

  1. gorgeous!
    love your blog, please do keep it up!
    i'll be back for sure!
    and come visit COSMICaroline for an upcoming La Dama giveaway and a new photographer!



  2. Congratulations on the Glamour Magazine recognition. It was great to see you after a photo shoot — can't wait to see the new pics! I might just have to poke around here some more, especially with comments like “Soft and silky to the tough, I cried, internally, of course.” Keep up the good work!


  3. i guess we really REALLY need to start working on some new concepts for new shoots … i have an idea but it would require your bday weekend and you taking off time … email to come


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