pancakeLEFTOVERS: January

January has been the most incredible month. Looking back onto previous years (with my extremely poor memory, mind you) I can’t remember a January that has been as amazing.  I knew going into the new year, that 2011 would be an awesome year. Why, you might wonder? Well, for one, 11 is my lucky number. 2011 also happens to be the Year of The Rabbit, which, you guessed it, I am. Rabbits are also supposed to be extremely lucky animals. So, that’s three for three right there. What else? 2010 was a year of endings for me (college, relationships, jobs, etc, etc). So, naturally, I  concluded that 2011 would be a year of beginnings. And you know what, it has been. So, true to pancakeSTACKER nature, before saying hello to another magnificent month, let’s take one last bite out of January. Please also turn up your speakers and enjoy this bumpin’ song, which basically embodies my current mood in musical form.

I realized that I never showed you guys my NYE outfit. Well, here it is! I wore this beautiful dress by Guess and shoes from Forever 21.
Yes, that is a real cat. And yes, he wanted to be in the picture.
All photos by: DJ Lan
Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – On The Floor

January was a very blessed and beautiful month. I mean, really, one week into the new year, I was in Teen Vogue, and a few weeks after, I was in Glamour. All I know is that February has some stiff competition! But, I know that it is going to be another phenomenal one! So here is to February! Let us all make it a memorable one.

Also, please, please, please continue voting for me as your Next Big Style Blogger! Right now, after just two days of voting, we are at 100 votes, which is absolutely amazing! I want to thank each and every one of your beautiful faces for all the love and support. The contest runs until the 10th (which also happens to be the day before my birthday), so please give me the gift of your (your mom’s, your dad’s, your sister’s, your brother’s, your everyone who has a Facebook account’s) heart-shaped vote full of love! Here is the Facebook event I’ve created. Please feel free to invite your all friends, so we can spread the word! Again, thank you, all! LET’S DO THIS! 

(Update: You can find my photo by sorting “Most Popular.” I will be on the bottom of the first page, or the top of the second depending on votes!) 

65 thoughts on “pancakeLEFTOVERS: January

  1. I love this post! A nice wrap-up, girl :) January's my fave (it's mah birfffday haha)! I just voted for you!! Good luck x

    But yeah, I watched Blue Valentine with my boyfriend, and I thought it would be very lovey-dovey, maybe like The Notebook??? but I was wrong. My boyfriend and I walked out feeling doomed. HAHA.

    P.S. I hope I can meet up with you & Kathleen when I go up to the bay area! Hopefully!


  2. I do so love the lace and grey mishmashing of your NYE dress.

    I use a Canon Powershot Pro1 or whatever it's called, but I'm desperately wanting to upgrade to a DSLR. :(



  3. You have such contagious energy! I love it. Oh to be young again…lol. I act like 31 is old…..

    Anyway….you are your girlies were too glam on NYE- Love it!


  4. woww, big congrats girl on all the blog success!! you definitely deserve it, I cannot wait to see what good things come your way this month!! …The next big style blogger ;). And i can't believe january is already over..time flies, really. But so happy I got to know you through the blogosphere, maybe we can have a bay area blogger meet up! :) and you look oh so pretty and chic in every outfit! ahaha and the cat one is hilariously cute.

    <3, Kathleen.


  5. wish i had some of your luck…i must have been born during an odd year or something. on another note: GREAT NYE dress! and your hair is so so so pretty.

    oh, and i really like your outfit in the previous post. i'm a sucker for bright red.


  6. I still adore your hair all curly, and I swear that same Happy New Year crown was floating around the bar I went to for NYE. I'm sure I have a not-so-sober picture with it on, somewhere. I hope it never surfaces though. >_<


  7. Do you celebrate Chinese New Year too? Or you are very in tuned with the culture?

    Anyway loved your dress! It's so pretty! And I really love that painting by the fireplace you have there! Also, the scarf which you seem to love is incredible! Where did you get that from?

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Those photos of Paris were from my vacation from Dec last year! I know, I'm such a slow poke!(: Thanks for the follow too!(: I've been following you on bloglovin'! All the best for the refinery29 contest!(: xx


  8. love it! im in the blogger competition too!
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    come visit COSMICaroline and see the brand new layout and photos by my new photographer!



  9. Ah, I'm so so jealous that you're a rabbit! hahaha. I told my sister at the start of the year how I wished I was one since they're lucky! Hehe. You look gorgeous in every single picture! I love that lacey cut-out dress!


  10. I'm so glad 2011 has started off well for you, I'm just off to vote for your now. Congrats on being shortlisted, you definitely deserve it, I always love your outfit posts.
    Have a fantastic week.
    Thanks for your sweet comment.



  11. ok…i know it may seem like im stalking you…but im not. haha.
    i just have to say this picture :
    train tracks + white shirt w bow+brown pants+bag = amazing.

    i want that!


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