Warm Me Up

Pho Phu Quoc 1816 Irving St.

The gist: Words cannot express how delicious this meal was. Maybe it was the cold San Francisco breeze that made this place more appealing, or maybe it was the bursts of flavor that I experienced with every bite. Either way, there is no where I would have rather been that afternoon than sitting inside PPQ with some hot tea, a stack of magazines, and some good company. As you already know, DJ and I spent the latter half of that day eating ice cream and photo-stalking cute children. Pre-pistachio ice cream, DJ suggested we get some Pho to warm us up, so we stopped into one of her favorite spots, since we were already in the area, and boy am I glad we did. 

Chicken Curry Vermcelli Noodle Soup
Photos of me by: DJ Lan; All other photos by: Chandamheer

What I hated: Point-blank? I hated that my tummy was not large enough to consume every last drop of the succulent coconut-milk infused chicken curry. What I liked: The service was fast and we got our food almost as fast as we ordered it, which is always a plus in my book, because the faster you feed me, the happier I am. The portions were incredibly large, even for a glutton, such as myself. We ordered a small serving of the curry, and got that monster bowl up there. Definitely makes me wonder what the large would have looked like. Oh yeah, and the prices? I am pretty sure our whole meal came to $20 with tax and tip. So, for all those lovers out there looking for a cutesy spot to take your Valentine out to today for lunch, this one is for you. Warm ’em up with some Pho at PPQ and a side of your lovin’.

In other news, I would like to apologize for being such a bad blogger this past week. Friday was my 23rd birthday, so I spent all of last week planning my big night out. For those wondering, I had an absolutely amazing time, and it was one of my most memorable birthdays yet. So, I would just like to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful people in my life, especially those who helped me celebrate. I am so lucky to have each and every one of you, and I love you all!

I would also like to announce that I will be joining Teen Vogue as one of their new Fashion Click Bloggers. I am so excited, and I cannot wait to share all of the outfits I have been saving up for you all! Happy Monday to you all! I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with a lot of extra love :) 

29 thoughts on “Warm Me Up

  1. ooo congrats on joining teen vogue! You will be great! And happy birthday. This post has me seriously craving some Pho. Seriously, as if your photos weren't tantalizing enough, your description of the food just puts it over the top. Nothing I can eat today can match what this tastes like in my mind.


  2. aww you look so pretty even when you're taking pictures of you about to eat! haha. i love all the food shots!! I whip out my camera everytime I have good-looking food in front of me too :). And I def need to try out this place. Also, big congrats on Teen Vogue Fashion Click!! :)
    And happy belated Valentine's Day girl!! And can't wait to meet up with you for our SF picnic!!! ;).

    <3, Kathleen.


  3. I love Vietnamese food, but I actually don't like Pho. I prefer Banh Mi, or like Banh beo or banh xeo. I feel like Pho is way too filling. But these pictures make it look really delish.

    And was service really that good?! All the pho places I know have awful service (even w/ great food)

    xo Sherrie


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