Food Friday: Burma SuperStar (That Is What You Are)

Burma SuperStar 309 Clement Street San Francisco, CA 94118

Last week, I had the pleasure of dining out with my friend, and native San Franciscan, Christina. We had been planning a foodie date for a long, long time, so I was very glad when our schedules coordinated and we decided to eat at Burma SuperStar.

Burmese Chicken Samusas – Burmese raviolis hand wrapped and filled with curry spices, potatoes, deep fried, and served with a special house sauce
Mango Chicken – Stir fried chicken breast with fresh mangoes in a light chili sauce
Burmese Style Shrimp Curry – Burma SuperStar’s specialty curry made with tomatoes
Coconut Rice – Aromatic jasmine rice cooked with coconut milk and topped with fried onions
Rainbow Salad – Made with four types of noodles, green papaya, tofu, onions, dried shrimp, and a tamarind dressing

Pras Feat. Mya & ODB – Ghetto Superstar
For those of you who are unfamiliar, Burmese cuisine is strongly influenced by its surrounding borders, China, Laos, Thailand and India. Fresh seafood and salads often appear in many of the dishes, while beef and pork are usually avoided. I have to admit that I had no idea what to really expect in terms of flavor. But, I wasn’t too worried because I knew that I loved Indian and Thai food (a lot), so there was a 90% chance that I’d also love Burmese. Christina and I got to Burma SuperStar a little before its 5:00PM opening time and there was already a line of eager eaters waiting to jump inside. By the time the restaurant opened and we sat down, 10 minutes later and the place was already filling up. After trying just a few of Burma’s signature dishes, it’s no surprise how popular this place is. Christina and I shared a plate of crispy Burmese Samusas to start, and I was absolutely delighted with their rich curry flavors. We then devoured a plate of Burma Superstar’s famous Rainbow Salad, which has been featured on the Food Network. Before leaving our table, our server took the time to explain all 22 different ingredients that made up the refreshingly delicious salad. For dinner, I went with the Burmese Style Shrimp Curry, and Christina tried the Mango Chicken. My curry was packed with flavor and the curry was nice and smooth. Christina’s Mango Chicken was equally, if not more, delicious, and I loved how tender the chicken was. Without a doubt, Burma SuperStar is a place I will definitely return to, and it definitely lives up to its name.
(Oh, and for those of you who didn’t get the title reference, please play the above song).

I wish you all a beautiful Forth of July weekend :) Be safe and have fun! Stay tuned for a giveaway post (that will appear quite soon!) and a stack of pancakeLEFTOVERS on Monday!

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19 thoughts on “Food Friday: Burma SuperStar (That Is What You Are)

  1. ooohhh I pass by this place numerous times but never thought to go eat there haha! Will def need to try this out now =]

    thx for dropping by my blog! YAYYYY SF blogger buddy. I get you, the bay area vibe is way more up my ally than LA is…must just be how i was brought up haha Love your blog btw ^_^


  2. love love burma superstar.. though im kind of biased with restaurants from my old neighborhood :) please try the tea leaf salad next time.. its absolutely delicious!

    found you through cindy's website! cant wait to read up on all your adventures & life post grad (going through a rut myself).


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