Food Friday: Come And Gott It

Gott’s Roadside 1 Ferry Building, Space #6 (Ferry Building Marketplace)


This past weekend was truly amazing. Actually, all of January (and 2012, for that matter) has been. On Monday, the boy and I spent a beautiful afternoon enjoying the Ice Rink’s last day in Union Square. We skated up quite the appetite, so we headed towards the Embarcadero for a delicious meal at Gott’s Roadside.


Let’s Be Frank Hot Dog


Garlic Fries
Smoked Chicken Po’Boy

Everything was so absolutely mouth-watering and the menu was so tempting, that it was hard to pick just one thing. In the end, I ordered the Smoked Chicken Po’Boy, the boy had the Let’s Be Frank Hot Dog, and we shared some garlic fries. I have to admit that before this, I haven’t actually had a Po’Boy anything. Who am I, right? Anyways, the cool, crunchy American slaw was a perfect juxtaposition against the nice smoked flavor of the chicken. I like my sandwiches drenched in sauce, and this one met my expectations. The garlic fries were filled with flavor and I only wished that I didn’t have to share, ha! I didn’t get to taste the hot dog, but to be fair I totally forgot to offer a bite of my sandwich because I got lost in how good it was. Either way, I have no doubt that it was equally as delicious as my sandwich. Next time, I hope to try the Shrimp Tacos and a milkshake! Has anyone else been? What other menu items do you suggest I try next?

25 thoughts on “Food Friday: Come And Gott It

  1. good golly miss molly. this all looks so delicious :)

    i just wanted to stop by and thank you for the SWEET, sweet words you left on my blog :D it seriously means soo much to me. i cannot stress that enough :)

    I'm really excited to read more of your posts!

    – tiana of l'esthetique


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