Brick City



Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters; Heels and Blouse: Forever 21

These jeans (or jeggings) have been with me since college, and I only wish I had them in more colors. I bought them at a steal for $10 (holla fo’ a balla…on a budget) at Urban Outfitters and since I’ve rediscovered them in my closet, I just can’t get enough. The blouse is a recent acquisition from Forever 21. I just loved the classic floral print and am definitely looking forward to wearing it with more things. The heels, which you’ve seen time and time again, are my classic black pair for Forever 21 — best $24.80 I’ve ever spent. 

6 thoughts on “Brick City

  1. This outfit is lovely !
    I also love this bun with your curly hair, I think you should curl them more, it really suits you well :)
    And I love the pictures on the roof, I can't do that in France but hopefully when I come to SF this summer I'll be able to take pictures on a roof ! haha



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